Jet lag is the pits. Am I right? It’s no secret travelling can completely throw your energy off leaving you drained, sluggish and exhausted.

But all is not lost! There are a few simple yoga moves which can drastically reduce your jet lag, adjust your body clock and bring poised mental focus.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

This restorative pose soothes the nervous system, elongating the spine and balancing the pressure of the meningeal system around the spinal cord and brain.

Half Tortoise

Thirty seconds in this posture is said to have to effects of an eight-hour sleep. The slower you can move into this posture the better. It will build abdominal strength and lower back flexibility.

Half tortoise is also good for indigestion, blood circulation to the brain and improves the flexibility of the hip joints, scapula, triceps and deltoids.

Shoulder Stand

After sitting on a plane for x number of hours you’re bound to have a build up of toxins in your legs.

Shoulder stand or the beginner version of Feet up the well flushes these toxins out, drains any stagnant fluid from the feet and ankles. and stimulates your immune system, whilst also helping with bloating.

Avoid this pose if you have a recent neck injury or chronic neck pain.

Spinal Twist

The perfect pozzie to rejuvenate the spine and wake your digestive system up. Spinal twist stimulates the large and small intestines as well as the liver. It also stretches your hips and buttocks and encourages movement in your shoulders and upper back.

Practice these postures when you touch down, when you can’t get to sleep or when you get a moment to yourself and you’ll really notice the difference after a couple of days.

And don’t forget to breathe during these postures! Pranayama (breathing) exercises are the best way to naturally re-oxygenate one’s blood.

Guest Blogger of the Day:

Monika Pietrowski is a digital nomad, travelling the world finding new ways to nurture the mind and body. Constantly on the go, she captures her travel and wellness adventures on her blog mymonpie and via Instagram. She loves Bikram yoga and has practised in studios all over the world, her favourite being SoHot Bikram in London. On any given day, you can find her somewhere in the world, working out of a café, sipping on a macchiato, which she’ll judge strongly as she’s from Melbourne.

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