As we begin to become more interested in living a more green, life and reducing our exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals we have to do something that none of us (really!) wants to do…

We have to break up with our beautician…

More often than not, we have been going to the same hair, nail, waxing salon for years and have a strong relationship with our beautician. They’re the ones we go to on a rough day to feel better, they transform us, listen to us and do something most of us can’t do ourselves. We need them!

But as we learn more about green beauty and the toxic synthetic chemicals in salons destroying our skin, hair, nails and hormones we eventually come to a point where we can’t compromise our wellbeing any more.


We have to break up with our beautician…


Everyone going through a green life change will have to confront this problem sooner or later. The question is HOW do we break up with someone we’ve been seeing for decades, how do we honour ourselves on our green beauty journey without feeling guilty?

First of all, congratulations for taking your health into your own capable, green hands! We want to reduce our consumption of toxic synthetic chemicals as much as possible.

Did you know nail salons use synthetic chemicals such as Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde (ew!) and Toluene in polishes and hardeners causing breathing problems, nausea, dizziness, birth defects, liver and kidney damage and dermatitis just to name a few. Think of when you walk past a nail salon, the smell can be so chemically laden that it makes your eyes water! Not to mention most of these brands test on animals and produce a massive amount of waste. Watch this great video for more information of the hidden toxins in hair salons.

The trichloroacetic acid (TCA) used in facial chemical peels not only causes organ system toxicity and skin irritation but has been found by Canada and the European Union to be unsafe for use in the cosmetic industry. Waxing salons put hot, synthetic wax around sensitive areas breaking the surface of the skin when pulled off, allowing for chemicals to pass straight into the bloodstream.

As long as we are giving money to these toxic salons they can employ people to sit in these shady conditions EVERYDAY. Wouldn’t it be more sustainable if we invested in greener, organic beauty salons and give our money, time and energy to someone who cares more about our wellbeing and the wellbeing of their employees?

So how do we have this conservation? It is important to remember that it’s the products and chemicals you are truly breaking up with for your health and happiness. Green feels good, spending your money supporting people who have the same passions as you feels even better.


  1. Be completely honest.

You’re changing, learning and evolving as a person; a positive, wonderful thing. Your health should be your number one priority and by stopping your exposure to these lab made chemicals is essential. You might want to say “I’ve been reading about Formaldehyde in this polish and the effects it has on my body. I no longer feel comfortable using synthetic chemicals on my skin”

  1. Keep it short and sweet

There’s no denying it, it’s an uncomfortable conversation to have both for you and your beautician. Keep it simple and clear “I am no longer going to be coming here as I am trying to reduce my exposure to nasty toxins”.

  1. Don’t blame your beautician

It’s not their fault, don’t be mean or on your ethical high horse. This is a decision you’ve made to honour yourself, stick to it with kindness.


The good news is there are plenty of natural, safe alternatives and salons you can go to. Try sugaring or threading opposed to toxic waxing instead, look up organic salons in your area on google, see where other like minded people go and take advantage of the incredible amount of shared experiences and information on social media. Of course, you can always ask us at Wanderess Beauty for our personal recommendations too.

If you are thinking about making the switch to a more green beauty routine why not try the Wanderess Beauty Subscription box. Each month we send seven eco-friendly products with a theme – cleansers and moisturisers, lip balm and deodorants, eyeliners and mascaras etc. You compare them, select the best one for your skin, then order the full-size version. Wanderess have done all the due diligence to make sure the products you trial are effective, non-toxic and cruelty free.


Making the choice to use more natural, gentle products not only honours ourself, fellow creatures and planet; but allows us to choose with our money what type of beauty industry we want to support and see in the future.



Jessica Kiely is the founder of Wanderess Beauty. An eco-friendly company that aims to pursue a holistic, ethical bathroom cabinet by swapping one nasty beauty product at a time with a green alternative.

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