Have you heard of Briese Botanicals? If not, you’re truly missing out.

Those of you that know me and follow by breharne appreciate that I love trying Aussie products and supporting Australian businesses. So when I was approached by the team at Briese Botanicals to test run their skincare bestsellers, I was super excited.
Who Are Briese Botanicals?

Briese Botanicals was founded by Kelly, an intelligent and environmentally conscious woman. Through unfortunate personal events, Kelly needed to rethink what she was putting into her skin on a daily basis. From that, she began researching and growing a passion for Australia’s native botanicals and their healing powers.

By leveraging the knowledge she gained from indigenous communities and with the help of those communities and Australian scientists they were able to create a potent and powerful range of natural skincare products.

The entire Briese Botanicals range is cruelty-free, ethical and vegan.

Eye Rescue Serum

I squealed with excitement when I found the Eye Rescue Serum in my package. Despite my mothers advice throughout my teens, I rarely used an eye product. Now, I wish I had. I’m 28 and though I have pretty good skin I have begun to notice the early signs of aging, particularly around my eye area.

The Eye Rescue Serum is FULL of amazing, exotic sounding ingredients like Muntries (Emu Apple) and Quandong extracts. These two ingredients alone are strong antioxidants (goodbye free radicals) and help reduce dark circles.

I’ve been using this 30ml bottle of gold at least once a day (recommended use is twice), for about 1 month. The first thing I noticed was the potency of the serum! Being so used to drugstore products, when I started using this, I was applying WAY TO MUCH. So, my tip to you – less is definitely more. I found the best way to get the correct amount out of the dropper was to put 1 drop on my finger and divide that for both my eye areas.

My delicate eye area definitely looks more vibrant since using the serum, it’s definitely a product that will need to join my permanent skincare routine.

Gentle Creme Cleanser

The Gentle Creme Cleanser arrived at a perfect time for me! During the winter months, I generally switch to a creme because I find it helps my skin retain its moisture. And like the Eye Rescue Serum, this product is FULL of unique ingredients!

The Kakadu Plum (its extract is a key ingredient) is said to contain the worlds highest levels of Vitamin C! And we all know the benefits of Aloe Vera Juice and Macadamia and Almond Oils.

I use the Briese Botanicals Gentle Creme Cleanser as my morning cleansing product. I love how fresh and moisturised it leaves my skin feeling before I apply my makeup for the day. When I first started using this product I prepared for a skin breakout. Usually, when I begin using a new product my skin gets a bit irritated and breaks out for a week or so. However, to my surprise (and delight) it didn’t happen with this product! I definitely recommend adding the Gentle Creme Cleanser to your winter skincare routine.


Breharne; a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger.