Nature; there is no better way to get fit, have fun and experience amazing health benefits. It’s where we as humans belong, and once you turn to nature for exercise, stress relief and therapy you’ll understand the power it has.

The idea of exercising in nature can be daunting at first, but it really doesn’t have to be scary. After I share a few tips with, you’ll be ready to throw the shoes off and embrace all that the outdoors has to offer.

Here are my top tips for getting started without natural fitness:

1. Give yourself permission to have fun! One of the major road blocks I see most adults have is stopping themselves having fun and sucking at some things! There are no mirrors outside and no judging eyes (apart from the odd kookaburra laughing at you). Laugh, have fun, get dirty and suck at things. You’ll find activities and movements you are good at and he more you practice those you’re not, the easier they become.

2. Remove all expectations of sets reps etc. Your body doesn’t care how many sets or reps you do, nor does nature. Forget the counting and calories burnt, and spend more time climbing trees, jumping, balancing and exploring.

3. Look for natural movement experts in your area to give you ideas and inspiration with what movements to start with. Also, search online for people who practice natural moment and train in nature. Once you start looking into this style of training you’ll discover a whole bunch of us are out there, all over the globe!

4. Build a tribe of natural movers. If you can’t find anyone nearby already well into this lifestyle, you can build your own tribe and experience the joy of nature play together.

5. Use games and activities you played as a kids as inspiration. If you’re ever stuck for ideas on what to do, think back to your childhood. Play games like tag, ‘the floor is lava’, or Frisbee. Use your imagination like you did when you were young!

6. Swap conventional exercises for nature versions. If you’re still struggling for ideas of what to do you can always swap conventional gym exercises for nature-based alternatives. Lift rocks and logs instead of dumbbells, run in the park or on the beach instead of on treadmills, do some crawling instead of crunches and bench press, hang, swing and climb instead of using the lat pull down machine.

You’re more likely to remember a fun day spent in nature than a day in the gym and so will your body.

Guest Blogger of The Day:

Clint Bauer is a Health + Fitness Coach with a background in Personal Training that has evolved over the past 9 years to specialising in Natural Movement and Play. When he grew up he was overweight and shy. Living a Paleo Lifestyle has helped him overcome his physical and emotional challenges and he’s now a happy and healthy man. He enjoys teaching clients, both kids and adults, how to move and feel better through natural and true functional movement, mostly based outdoors using natural and human-made structures, surfaces and equipment. Helping people become more capable and confident in movement equates to capability and confidence in everyday life. He works with children asked 2 years and older, teens and adults through group classes to private 1-on-1 and sibling/partner sessions based on the needs of clients. Clint is based on the Sunshine Coast but enjoys travelling around the country to present and coach.

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