Briese Botanicals FAQs

Our Practices

Do Briese Botanicals use Palm Oil?

Every product in the Briese range is free from Palm Oil. We are committed to environmental sustainability and will never support any practice that is detrimental to the Australian or global ecosystem.

Do Briese Botanicals test on animals?

Briese Botanicals will never test on animals or use any raw ingredients that have been tested on animals. Our products are only tested on happy human beings.

In addition to that, we are a proudly vegan brand. That means that we not only avoid animal testing, but also avoid all ingredients that have been derived from animals.

Do Briese Botanicals use recyclable and sustainable packaging?

Briese Botanicals use 100% post consumer packaging material. That means our skincare containers, and any other promotional material is made exclusively from recycled products.

In addition to that – we say “no!” to excessive packaging. We do not use boxes simply to impress consumers by making our product look more appealing. Briese Botanicals aims to be the most environmentally responsible brand that it can be, and for that reason, we choose to be box-free.

We offer our sincere gratitude to you for helping us creating a better future by recycling your Briese Botanical containers.

Are Briese Botanicals Australian owned and operated?

Briese Botanicals is proudly 100% owned and operated. Founded and manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, we employ and work with people all over our beautiful country – Australia.

We have contractors, farmers, suppliers and scientists based in Queensland, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. We have placed a particular emphasis on supporting Aussie farmers and traditional owners of the land.

Do Briese Botanicals support charities?

Briese Botanicals is a proud supporter of Sevgen Indigenous Corporation. It is only fitting that we give back to the people who inspired our products – the traditional owners of our amazing country.

Sevgen is an innovative organization focusing on an indigenous education model, encouraging an education filled with passion-inspired learning. You can find out more about Sevgen, show your support, or donate by visiting their website here:

Do Briese Botanicals offer a guarantee?

Briese Botanicals is so sure that you will love our carefully formulated products, that we offer a full guarantee on our entire range for 30 days after purchase.

Should you be unhappy with your products, simply return to us, along with proof of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price – no questions asked!

Do Briese Botanicals have a shipping policy?

All orders of AUD $100 or more, placed through the Briese Botanicals website or Briese Botanicals Facebook page, will be shipped to you for free!

All orders of under AUD $100, placed through the Briese Botanicals website or Briese Botanicals Facebook page, will incur a flat shipping fee of $9.95!

Our Products

Why should I avoid synthetic ingredients in my skincare products?

We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” It is a fairly self-explanatory statement suggesting that what you put in your mouth will contribute, either positively or negatively, towards your health.

Why don’t we say, “You are what you put on your skin”?

Your skin is a big part of your body. In fact, it is our largest organ. What we put onto our bodies is absorbed through our skin and directly into our systems.

Briese Botanicals believe in using honest, gentle and effective natural and organic active ingredients to nourish your skin and our planet.

Are Briese Botanicals' products safe to use during pregnancy?

 Our pure, natural and organic skincare has been formulated with sensitivities in mind. We have ensured that only the best natural and organic ingredients are included in our formulations, therefore they should cause no concern during pregnancy. However, some of our products contain essential oils that some women choose to avoid during pregnancy. If you have any concerns, please show an ingredients list to your medical health practitioner.

Are Briese Botanicals' products natural or organic?

The entire Briese Botanicals range has been formulated using many natural and organic ingredients. We take pride in producing an effective range of skin care products that are free from skin and system irritating ingredients, while maintaining a luxurious quality.

Are Briese Botanicals' products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Briese Botanicals is a proudly vegan brand. That means that we not only avoid animal testing of finished products, but also avoid all ingredients that have been tested on animals and/or are animal derived.

Are Briese Botanicals products suitable for sensitive skin?

Briese Botanicals are suitable for sensitive skin. Our pure, natural and organic skincare has been formulated with sensitivities in mind. We have ensured that only the best natural and organic ingredients are included in our formulations.

The entire Briese Botanicals range contain many active ingredients sourced from Australian Native plants that are:

    • Anti-inflammatory – reduces swelling, redness and inflammation
    • Anti-microbial – kills germs and bacteria
    • Antioxidant rich – will protect your skin from free radicals while nourishing
    • Hydrating – will keep your skin moisturised 

Should you have any concerns, please refer to our ingredients list before using the product.

Our Ingredients

Do any Briese Botanicals' products include synthetic fragrances or colour?

Every product in the Briese Botanicals range is completely free from synthetic fragrances and colours. Our products look and feel the way they do because our plant-based ingredients look and feel that way – it’s as simple as that!

Is the Briese Botanicals’ product range gluten-free?

All of the allergy sufferers out there will be happy to know that every Briese Botanicals product is totally gluten- free!

You can be confident in knowing that your skin is absorbing pure, natural and organic gluten-free ingredients.

Does the Briese Botanicals’ products range contain parabens or sulphates?

No way! Briese Botanicals is free from:

  • parabens,
  • sodium lauryl sulphate,
  • sodium laureth sulphate,
  • synthetic fragrances,
  • synthetic dyes,
  • petroleum products,
  • mineral oil,
  • animal by-products,
  • animal testing
  • gluten

We understand that these ingredients can be harmful to our health, interfering with our hormones, creating skin sensitivities and impacting on our overall health. We guarantee that Briese Botanicals will never use a “quick-fix” ingredient!