We live in an age where you’re more likely to be judged on your outfit than your ideology and beliefs. But with eco-friendly companies such as Celtic & Co creating luxury fashion clothing, it’s now easier than ever to dress and feel amazing while saving the planet.

By following five simple steps you could make your Wardrobe Sustainable, Ethical, Fashionable.

Pick your values/research your brands

While you’re trailing through endless clothes racks and opening numerous shopping tabs, it’s a good time to educate yourself. There are many factors you may want to consider when supporting conscious fashion.

Do you want to buy fashion that is:

  • Made with purely natural materials?
  • Made with organic cotton?
  • Made with polyester from recycled plastic bottles?
  • Made locally?
  • Secondhand?
  • By an emerging designer or small brand?
  • Cruelty-free?
  • Dyed with non-toxic dyes?
  • Upcycled?

Refine your style

An important part of having a sustainable wardrobe is preserving resources. You can do that by only buying and owning clothes that you love and express your personal style. Although you may find it easier or more satisfying to buy the latest trends, a fashionable woman does not always need to have the latest designer wear to feel amazing.

Clear out your wardrobe

One the most heart breaking, but effective ways to make your wardrobe align with your values is to clean it out. Although it me seem like an impossible mission and something you have put off for years, it will be worth it in the long run.

Donating or even selling that dress you swore you would eventually get around to wearing is a good way to make space for an eco-friendlier wardrobe.  Avoid throwing away clothes as most synthetic clothes take decades to decompose.

Fix and recycle

If your favourite top has seen better days and you can no longer keep fobbing the holes off as grungy chic, it may be a good idea to recycle the top into a new outfit. If you aren’t scared of a DIY project, you can turn a dress into a shirt, make hats and scarves with old jumpers, or sew cushion covers and personal blankets.

Set yourself a budget

Here it is, the last step towards a more sustainable wardrobe, and the only one that relies on money. After researching your choice of brands and refining your style, you know doubt have a few more basic items you want to purchase. Although, it’s a lot harder to buy clothes that align with your values it does not have to be more expensive.  Make sure you set a budget for the following months and only buy clothes you love and make you feel amazing.

Nick and Kath:
Nick and Kath bought Celtic Sheepskin (then known as Hide and Feet) in 1990, and in 1992 had their second child, Clare.  As these 27 years have passed with Nick and Kath at the helm of Celtic Sheepskin, they have found that a life outside of their thriving company and much-enjoyed family time is, at the best of times, tricky to include into the mix. They haven’t succumbed to the conventional surfer lifestyle in Newquay, but the culture of walking their dog across the county’s golden beaches and enjoying the serenity of Cornwall’s unspoilt landscapes is kept in their blood stream. However, for the most part, Nick and Kath are genuinely happy to wake up every day in a home that they love, run a thriving business that they have built up for themselves, pop to the gym on their way home from the office and then relax at the end of it all knowing that they are taking from life exactly what they want out of it.


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