Bio: Traci Castle is a Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur and Photographer who founded Studio Retouch in 2006, Studio Republic Photo Studio in 2008 and The Creative Hub and The Art of Bean Noshery in 2013. Originally born in Sydney but grew up in New Zealand and moved to The Sunshine Coast with her family at age of 15.

What do you do?
I am a Professional Photographer and Business Owner with a keen interest in Design and massive projects! Oh and I also love to do alot of travel and travel photography!

What is your background?
I started studying Visual Arts and Photography Full-time at 16 years old and was the youngest in my class. I have always wanted to be a photographer from a very young age and ran around with my parents Canon AE1 analogue film SLR Camera around my neck!

Tell us a little about what you are working on right now:
Well, I always seem to have all my projects on the go at once! (All or nothing kind of Gal lol). I have just this week moved houses into a beautiful three story place in the Noosa National Park at Peregian Beach so am doing alot of renovations.
At the same time we are re-designing the SR (Studio Republic) visual identity. This includes a full renovation of the interior of the Studio it’s self, branding, new website, marketing materials, basically EVERYTHING!
I am pretty much repeating the phase I was in 3 years ago when we relocated and expanded the studio, initialized the concept of a cafe AND built a house and moved ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Yes I am mad! Ha ha
Amongst all of this I am actually about to embark on my 5th holiday for the year (have already done New Zealand, 2 months in Europe, Cairns, and Bali); a 3 week cruise around the Pacific Islands!

What inspired this idea?
Which one? Lol
Well the house purchase was completely unplanned! My husband and I were sitting drinking coffee at 6am on a Sunday morning the weekend before Christmas and I was scrolling through to see what the value of the house we built was at when I came across this AMAZING looking home that backed onto the National Park, I attempted to show my husband and after his initial “NO no no Traci; we are NOT moving again!” Reaction he then realised this place was pretty unique so we jumped in the car, did a drive by and by Wednesday had bought it! (Secretly I just wanted to do a boho-scandi interior and needed a new house!)
In regards to the Studio Redesign, I tend to bore easily and change my style interests, so that pretty much sums that one up! Ha ha
The cruise was thrown in my lap by my beautiful mother-in-law who booked it for her hubby and herself but then he couldn’t go, so yey for me!

What is the most challenging thing about this project?
The fact it all takes place at the SAME TIME!

What is your favourite part of your job?
I am a creator! I just LOVE to CREATE!
At the Studio it is so rewarding seeing people astonished at how PHENOMENAL they look! Some people say that they NEVER TAKE A GOOD PHOTO and we show them that they CAN! A lot of the time they end of crying with joy when when we showcase their photos and that is an amazing feeling to know you have helped boost someone’s confidence so much! And given not only them; but any future children these gorgeous memories to cherish FOREVER ! That is why I do what I do! 

What is your biggest accomplishment?
Hmmm probably traveling to Seoul in South Korea to accept my very first International Business award for Creative Director of the Year! Winning out of 1,400 applicants In the International Stevie Awards
Then again when I traveled to New York to accept 2 awards! Entrepreneur of the Year personally and Best Female Run Workplace for Studio Republic!
They were both pretty AMAZING experiences! And I had the most memorable times on both occasions traveling with my best friends who came with me!

Do you have any advice for women wanting to enter this industry?
Be prepared to work hard; plan your journey and have fun along the way!

What’s your best business tip?
The only limits you have are yourself! Get out of your way! ?
For me failure is just NOT an option!

Who inspires you the most?
Hmmm I don’t really aspire to anyone to be honest, I have always had my own journey.

What motivates you to keep going?
The freedom I have created for myself and maintaining it! 

How do you create balance in your life?
Easy! Lots and lots of holidays! ? Oh and massages!

According to you, what is the definition of success?
FREEDOM! To do WHAT I want WHEN I want and having the means to be able to do so!

What is your opinion on eco-friendly brands?
The only way to go! This planet is all we have!

Best beauty advice/tip:
Get a great skin care product! Then from there it’s all about the EYES!
Have your brows and lashes done and there is no need for makeup! 

Words to live by:
Success is a decision!
Where to find Traci: