Our Gratitude

At Briese Botanicals, we make no secret of our gratitude. We’re grateful to the hard-working farmers and producers who harvest our products.

  • Our potent Australian native plants are acquired through a network of leading Australian Bio-Prospectors and organic/bio-ethically established growers, or are wild harvested within communities in remote locations.

We’re grateful to the land for its potent, healing bounties that make up our skincare ingredients.

  • By using Australian natural and organic ingredients, we’re supporting our sources while protecting this country’s natural resources.
  • Air and water pollution are minimised and soil health is improved as pesticides are not used.
  • Native plant and animal species are protected and energy consumption is lowered.

We’re grateful to our indigenous people, who helped us unlock the time-honoured secrets of the native botanicals.

  • Consistent with our own belief in the principles of ecological sustainability, we contribute a proportion of our profits directly to SevGen Indigenous Corporation.
  • This Australian enterprise is based on the Indigenous ecological thinking that every human deliberation should consider the impact of their actions for seven generations into the future, while drawing on the wisdoms of seven generations from the past.