Looking for a healthy and delicious snack nowadays is like looking for a unicorn – everyone tells you they don’t exist, but you still hope deep inside, that they are all wrong. All baked sweets nowadays are packed not only with sugar, but also with all kinds of other unhealthy ingredients and preservatives, which are supposed to help the food stay good for longer, but in fact are causing us serious health issues in the long term. This is why homemade is always the best alternative. When you replace the sugar with honey and the white flour with whole-grain one, you can create miracles. Here’s a simple recipe for healthy oat cookies with honey, which taste amazing:


1 ½ cup of fine oat flakes

3 cups of whole-grain flour

1 ½ cup of honey

1 tbsp. of baking powder

2 tbsps. of cinnamon powder

2 eggs

1 cup of raisings

1 cup of melted butter

A pinch of salt


1. First you need to beat the eggs until you get a creamy yellow substance. Then in a separate bowl you must whip the butter with the honey. Once these two ingredients have mixed together well, you can add the eggs to them and stir some more until you can no longer see the eggs.

2. Now you can mix the solids in a third bowl. First mix the flour with the baking soda, then add the oat flakes, the cinnamon and the salt.

3. The raisins must be soaked in water for a few minutes, this will make them grow and they will have a better, more succulent taste once the cookies are baked. So, once they are done soaking, you can put them in the first bowl, with the eggs and butter. Stir again, so they can mix well with the other ingredients.

4. Slowly start adding the flour mixture to the egg and butter mixture. At some point, you can start kneading the dough with your hands, but have in mind that it will be sticky, so it’s best to knead it with slightly wet or covered in flour hands.

5. Use a spoon to scoop small amounts of the dough and arrange them in a tray covered with baking paper. You don’t need to make them round or something, small stacks are fine. Leave some space between the cookies, because they will grow in the oven.

6. Preheat the oven to 200°C and bake the oat cookies for about 12 minutes. They should still be soft inside once you take them out of the oven. They are most delicious when you leave them in the fridge overnight.


If you don’t like raisins (most kids pretty much hate them), you can replace them with some nuts. Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are perfect replacements, and almost everybody loves them.

Butter can also be considered unhealthy, so if you prefer, you can replace it with a cup of olive oil. The taste stays the same, and it’s considered the healthiest option.

Some people prefer their cookies very sweet, if you’re one of them, you can add half a cup of brown sugar when you beat the eggs. Although, if you use the right kind of honey, these cookies won’t need anything else.

Have fun!


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