In Kelly’s Own Words

Welcome to Briese Botanicals,

I am so excited to share these amazing products with you! Briese Botanicals has been a dream that is finally a reality, and our products have surpassed even my own expectations.

I’ve learnt what our indigenous people have known, and respected, for generations: the curative power of this magnificent land. I am so happy to share this powerful and healing wisdom with you.

In creating this skin care range, I not only wanted to help people reach their optimal skincare levels, I also wanted to give something back to those who helped me on my journey to where I am today.

I decided to return my gratitude to the first people of this country by supporting SevGen Indigenous Corporation; a local charity doing amazing work. Consistent with my own belief in the principles of ecological sustainability, this Australian enterprise is based on Indigenous ecological thinking, which believes that every human deliberation should consider the impact of their actions for seven generations into the future whilst drawing on the wisdoms of seven generations from the past.

I feel so privileged and thankful for being born in this naturally abundant country and for everything I have learned from its unique environment and the original custodians of the land. Briese Botanicals has given me the chance to share this abundance with you, and also creates an opportunity to generate greater awareness of our environment and of the special people who help to protect it for future generations.

Thank you for discovering my passion.

Briese Botanicals: Ancient wisdom, modern science.

Kelly x