I’ve become one of those people who wakes up excited for her workout. Why? Because I’ve recently started skipping and am seeing the benefits already.

Skipping actually burns more fat than running. Jumping rope is known to burn around 1300 calories/hour

According to the Jump Rope institute, skipping for a minimum of five minutes a day improves physical fitness, and when you build to ten minutes of nonstop jumping it can provide the same benefits as the following:

  • 30 minutes of jogging
  • 2 sets of tennis singles
  • 30 minutes of racquet and handball playing
  • 660 metres of swimming
  • 18 holes of golf

Benefits of Skipping

Skipping helps in muscle toning as it is a body weight exercise. So it’s actually cardio + strength in one.

Plus, it’s a full body workout. Your legs, arms, abs and your heart. It increases strength and agility.

There are even mental benefits to skipping. As your coordination improves, so does your cross-lateral ambidexterity i.e.; you work both sides of the brain and both sides of the body.

The best part about it is it can be done anywhere making it the most versatile form of exercise. Indoors, outdoors, backyards and beaches. Perfect for travelers and nomads of all kinds, plus those who are time poor or don’t have a lot of space.

The Science behind Skipping

Skipping is a based on Plyometric training techniques. Plyometrics link speed of movement and strength to produce power and enable muscles to reach maximum strength in as short amount of time as possible.

Skipping Workout

Ok, if you’re on your phone download a tabata timer or if you have your laptop in front of you go to tabatatimer.com and pop in these timings and skip your way to a great physique!

  • Prepare: 10 seconds
  • Work: 40 seconds
  • Rest: 10 seconds
  • Cycles: 8
  • Tabatas: 1

Guest blogger of the day:

Monika Pietrowski is a digital nomad, travelling the world finding new ways to nurture the mind and body. Constantly on the go, she captures her travel and wellness adventures on her blog mymonpie and via Instagram. She loves Bikram yoga and has practised in studios all over the world, her favourite being SoHot Bikram in London. On any given day, you can find her somewhere in the world, working out of a café, sipping on a macchiato, which she’ll judge strongly as she’s from Melbourne.

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