There are literally a million ways to wellness! And what better way than with all natural methods.

These wellness hacks can be done anywhere, anytime, with minimal props. The results: more energy, a clear mind and a happy, healthy bod!

Dry Brushing

One-third of the body’s daily toxins are expelled through the skin but if you’re not regularly exfoliating the dead skin cells, there’s nowhere for these impurities to go. Dry brushing stimulates your body from the outside in, allowing it to absorb nutrients and oxygen much more easily.

  • Use a natural bristle brush
  • Do not wet your skin
  • Always brush in an upward motion, starting at your feet, and working your way all the way up to your chest, where your heart is
  • Brush in smooth, long strokes, or in circular motions
  • After the brushing, have a light shower and then apply rose hip or coconut oil to body

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is ancient Ayurvedic method of detoxing your mouth using a natural oil (either coconut, olive or sesame – all organic).

  • Put 1-2 teaspoons of oil into the mouth. If it feels like too much, use a little less.
  • Swish for 20 minutes. This is necessary to break through the plaque and bacteria. I do it in the shower and then apply my toner, serum moisturizer etc etc all whilst swirling
  • Don’t gargle!
  • The oil will get thick and milky, as it will mix with saliva and it will also have doubled by the time you’re finished.
  • When you’re done – spit oil into the trash can. DO NOT spit it into the sink as it might clog the pipes and definitely don’t swallow it – it’s full of disgusting toxins.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth as normal to get rid of any remaining bacteria

Lemon Water

The mother of all wellness hacks. Probably the most written about. I know I harp on about it. Because I love starting the day with a lukewarm glass of lemony water. There are plenty I could real off here but I’ll stick to just five reasons why lemon water the bomb:

  1. Detoxifies the body
  2. Alkalises the body
  3. Aids digestion
  4. Good for your skin
  5. Boosts the immune system


Make the decision to meditate every day. Add it to your morning routine, along with showering and brushing your teeth (or oil pulling!). Starting the day with a ten-minute meditation can work wonders for your productivity.  Think of it as clearing your mental inbox, ready for the day ahead.  You’ll soon realise that you’ll have more time because your mind will be calmer and more focused.


Guest blogger of the day:

Monika Pietrowski is a digital nomad, travelling the world finding new ways to nurture the mind and body. Constantly on the go, she captures her travel and wellness adventures on her blog mymonpie and via Instagram. She loves Bikram yoga and has practised in studios all over the world, her favourite being SoHot Bikram in London. On any given day, you can find her somewhere in the world, working out of a café, sipping on a macchiato, which she’ll judge strongly as she’s from Melbourne.

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