Trust me, I hear you loud and clear! It’s a common problem- you would love to BE fit but you don’t want to GET fit. Sound about right? It’s not a judgement- it’s just a statement. If you came here in a hope to read “If you don’t like exercise don’t worry just don’t do it…” Turn around this isn’t the direction I’ll be taking.

As a trainer with 15+ years of experience, My first thought when I hear someone say “I don’t like exercising” is generally “You and me both sister!” and then I kick into trainer mode and say “You don’t have to like, you just need to do it”. However, I’ve learnt through the years that it’s apathy that has already kept them from starting something so this “get it done and stop whinging attitude” isn’t always helpful. “I want a lover with a slow hand, I want a lover with an easy touch…” Ahhh The Pointer Sisters, I love that song. I digress…..

These personality types need space to develop, simmer on an idea and definitely aren’t going to be making decisions after talking themselves out of it precisely 128 times.

We don’t all possess “the exercise is awesome’’ gene but like brushing your teeth regularly, moving your body in an exercisey type way is a necessary evil to live longer, decrease stress, maintain strength and fitness.

So here’s a few real world options to get you over your block.

Join a group training session

This is hands down the easy measure to take. It’s a set and forget type scenario. You book your sessions, they take your money and you do your thing.

Training with a trainer gives you accountability, direction, an element of fun and you get to hang out with other like minded people. If you haven’t picked up on this yet in life “like attracts like” and hopefully if your trainer is a switched on human they will be trying to create a “tribe” of people who share similar interests. You may need to go through a few trainers before you find the perfect fit but it happens- I see it each and every day because my clients tell me. I almost immediately know when I’ll have a client who I gel with and can successfully work with, others don’t make it past the first session- we are just simply not on the same page! Horses for courses.

Focus on making small, flexible goals

Shy away from heavy set, rigid timed goals. For example; no complete body transformation in 12 weeks type scenarios. Aim for consistently showing up to training, actually completely the whole workout and then coming back to do it all over again. The monotony of exercise is what kills most. Now kills, is clearly the wrong word here but you get me yeah? When you have locked down the basics of showing up then worry about increasing your goal load. Focus on how you are feeling each time you are done. Are you glad but satisfied? Are you noticing changes to your fitness levels? Did you hate it less and enjoy it a teensy bit more? Everyone wants to focus on changes to their physical body but shifting awareness to the fact that you are becoming more mentally tough is key also.

Face reality


Sorry but at some stage you’ll have to realise that part of a healthy body, means moving that body somehow. The good news is there is 7 thousand forms of exercise. You don’t have to buy into the spray tanned, bodybuilding world to “do fitness” successfully. You can workout in your own backyard or lounge room. Home workouts or Do Anywhere type workouts are all the rage and highly effective. You can even take the dog for a walk to get a little sweat on. Understand the level of results will entirely differ but a good rule of thumb is: resistance/weights change your body shape, add strength and build lean muscle and cardio makes your heart fit, elevates mood and gets your body sweating. Both are necessary

Compete in something that tests you

You’ve probably heard of a little race called the city to surf? So why not sign up if you fancy yourself a runner or what about a powerlifting comp. Tough mudder, Crossfit games. A triathlon. Whatever is it, challenge yourself to put your new found fitness and strength conditioning skills to the test. When you enter these type of events it’s not about your physical appearance but way more about your mental “toughness” and endurance/power/strength/willpower. You’ve got to have the conditioning to back up the duration of the event.

Add elements of play to your exercise regime

Only busting out reps on dumbbells or resistance machines in the gym is tres lame. You can quickly tire of the “same old, same old” routine. You may disagree however I’ve seen it time and time again. I know myself training for more than 15 years- it’s can get stale. What you and your body need is a little spice, a little jazzy jazz. Think about adding battling ropes, chin up/monkey bars, balls, crawling (yep! So on trend right now) or other elements of play to your workout. If you always workout solo, maybe train with a group or friend and vice versa. If you only do weight training it wouldn’t hurt to add a group fitness class here and there. Your mind and body will thank you and you will definitely get that nice “oh hello, new soreness over my whole body” feeling.


Play hard, rest hard

Seasoned exercisers/gym goers/fit peeps will sometimes develop a hatred of exercise because they are simply burnt out! What you need is a good dose of rest the hell up. Chill out, hit pause on the routine and get into recovery mode. Go to your local pool or beach and jump in the water and float/kick/paddle/swim. Whack on a youtube Yoga or guided meditation session. Go to your favourite burger joint and indulge. It all helps the body to recover and regroup. If exercise is going to be a regular thing in your life, make recovery part of that too. I’ve got a video about exercise burnout you can check out.


Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert , Nat Carter, wanted to create an atmosphere were woman could feel they could come for good quality ‘real life” information and therefore empower themselves to get healthier/fitter/stronger and more body confident.

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